Project Description

Dancing Palpitations


Presentation of a 17-year-old Patient in the ER with persisting palpitations, rapid heartbeat and slight dizziness for a few hours. It started while practise, which he had to stop. There was no chest pain, syncope or dyspnoea. There was no history of trauma or infection. He is currently under stress because of an important dance performance in 2 days. Additionally, he has had episodes of rapid heartbeat in the past during so called panic attacks. These episodes only lasted for seconds.


No known illnesses, very active and capable to train 20 hours a week in a dance studio, no regular medication, no drugs, no nicotine, no alcohol, vaccinates according to Swiss Guidelines, vaccinated twice against SARS-CoV-2 4 months ago.

Physical Examination:

Slightly reduced general condition. Lungs: Eupnoeic, symmetric ventilation, no signs of dyspnoea. Cardiac: No audible bruit, arrhythmic, strong peripheral pulses, recapillarisation < 2 sec., no Hepatomegaly. Abdomen: Plain. Skin: Pale. Neurological: Awake, oriented in all areas.

Vital Parameters: Pulse 102 bpm, bp 128/66 mm Mercury, SpO2 99%, T: 36,4°C



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