Project Description

A Baby With Sudden Onset of Inconsolable Crying


A 5 1/2-month-old girl presented to the emergency department for the second time. She cried and screamed a lot during the day. She has merely been drinking anymore, last wet nappy was in the morning. The previous day, she had increased stool frequences with greenish color. In addition, she vomited once (not bloody, non-bilious). At presentation she had a fever up to 38.6°C.
The first visit occurred early on the same day due to agitation. A blood gas analysis there was unremarkable, and the sonographic findings were consistent with gastroenteritis, no indications of a transit disruption. A urinalysis from the bag showed a discrete leukocyturia (1+), catheterization was not done due to clear symptoms of gastroenteritis and absent fevers at that time. The girl was discharged home with the diagnosis of a gastroenteritis.

Physical Examination and Vital Signs:

At the second visit, the girl was still in a regular general condition, the vital signs were unremarkable except for the temperature (38.2°C). Clinical examination was unremarkable with normal bowel sounds and no signs of dehydration.


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