Pediatric Emergency Congress 2021 – Poster Submission

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Poster Submission

PEMS invites individuals and departments to submit a poster (or multiple!) in the following categories

i) Quality improvement initiatives
ii) Research Projects
iii) Case reports and clinical pictures of interest

Poster submission must be emailed in pdf. form to by 11.08.2021.
Posters will be evaluated and contributors individually contacted should they be selected for PEMS congress.
Submissions will have the opportunity to briefly present their poster during the “Poster Walk” on day 1 at 11.15. Winners will be announced at this time.
Posters welcome in EN/FR/DE

Poster Submission (mail)
Paper and Font Sizes

Suggested minimum font sizes:
Title: 78 point type
List of authors: 72 point type
Subheading: 36 point type
Body: double spaced text: 24 point type.
Photographs: no smaller than 12cm x 18cm
Smaller fonts may be used in citations and acknowledgement.

Poster size:
A0 portrait (1189 x 841 mm) format.

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