Mini-Symposium: Implantation d’une consultation infirmière autonome aux urgences pédiatriques2020-02-09T01:15:50+01:00

Depuis 2013, une consultation infirmière autonome est proposée aux urgences pédiatriques de l’Hôpital de l’enfance de Lausanne. Durant ce symposium, nous aurons le plaisir de vous présenter led modalités d’implantation d’une telle consultation.

Nous en profiterons pour vous présenter les résultats d’une enquête de satisfaction réalisée en 2019, auprès de parents d’enfants pris en charge par l’équipe soignante de cette consultation.

PEMS congress and annual meeting 20202020-02-02T21:07:09+01:00

Annual congress in pediatric emergency medicine, organized by PEMS dedicated to all pediatricians, emergency room staff and general practitoners. MORE INFORMATION

Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Paediatrics2020-04-03T15:21:56+02:00
Herbst-Symposium NOTFALLPFLEGE SCHWEIZ2019-06-20T14:59:19+02:00
5. KNiRPS – Kongress (KinderNotfälle interdisziplinär für Rettung, Praxis, Spital)2019-05-04T07:54:06+02:00

Praxisnahe Fortbildung für Primärversorger, Praktiker und Mitarbeitende auf Notfallstationen mit praktischen Beispielen

1st European Emergency Nursing Congress2019-04-01T00:47:29+02:00

The congress will be held in the city center of Brussels (Belgium) on the 23 & 24th of May 2019 and will address the following subthemes:

  • Day 1: Pre-conference workshops
  • Day 2: Oral presentations: Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Workflow and Future in the ED

The esteemed speakers will support EuSEN’s first congress from all over Europe with valuable presentations.

We look forward to welcoming anyone involved and interested in the delivery of emergency care whom would like to gain or share their experience, knowledge and passion for emergency nursing.

We welcome:

  • Nursing staff
  • Pre-hospital care staff
  • Allied health staff
  • Health researches
  • Student nurses
  • Anyone with an interest in emergency nursing

It will be a pleasure to see you at the congress whether as an attendee, speaker or sponsor.

PEMS congress and annual meeting 20192019-01-21T23:05:00+01:00

Annual congress in pediatric emergency medicine, organized by PEMS dedicated to all pediatricians, emergency room staff and general practitoners. MORE INFORMATION

Specialist Exam in Pediatric Emergency Medicine 20202020-03-12T22:13:09+01:00

Registration Deadline July 31, 2020

Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Paediatrics2018-12-02T13:34:42+01:00
SIMWars Switzerland 2019 @SGP/SSP annual congress2018-12-13T13:16:06+01:00

SIMWars Switzerland is a competitive learning environment for emergency medicine trainees and nurses hosted as a workshop for the second time nationally at the fPmh 2019 meeting in Bellinzona on June 6 and 7, 2019. Registration for participation has started on November 30 and closed on January 15 2019. For registration send an E-Mail to

SimWars is a simulation-based competition between teams of PEM trainees and nurses that compete in different scenarios and skill stations in front of a large audience.

SimWars offers learning opportunities for those participating, watching and instructing! Everyone can benefit from observing and reflecting on decision making, as well as viewing and discussing practice variations across disciplines and institutions.

Audience wanted: Follow this exciting event as a spectator and let us inspire you to register as a team in 2019 or step up as an educator to help us run this fun and unusual session during the fPmh and PEMS annual meetings

Registration until January 15.01 2019

Send an E-mail to Gianluca Gualco (